About Us

Welcome to Wild TV: Canada's Premier Hunting Experience
Embark on an unrivaled journey into the heart of the Canadian wilderness, home to some of the best hunting, fishing, and outdoor experiences in the world. Wild TV stands as the ultimate viewing platform crafted for outdoor enthusiasts. Our shows are curated by passionate hunters who live and breathe the spirit of the Canadian Wild.
Our Rich Heritage
Rooted in a legacy dating back two decades, Wild TV set out to redefine hunting entertainment in Canada. Now 20 years later, the network has grown to become the go-to destination in Canada for authentic hunting experiences.
By Hunters, For Hunters
Wild TV is not just a channel; it's a community forged by hunters, for hunters. Our shows are meticulously handpicked by experts who understand the intricacies of great hunting entertainment. Each story, lesson, and experience shared on our platform comes from the genuine passion of those who would rather be outside, pursuing the thrill of the hunt.
More Than Broadcasting: Building Connections
Beyond being a broadcaster, Wild TV is a builder of bonds. We unite people, protect our industry, and stand by our partners. Our commitment goes beyond the screen – we contribute to strengthening the hunting community by entertaining, sharing knowledge, and upholding the principles that safeguard the Canadian ecosystem.
Exclusive Content, Endless Adventure
Dive into the exclusive world of Wild TV by subscribing to the network through your local service provider or purchasing a subscription to our streaming service Wild TV+.  You’ll gain access to world-class hunting, fishing and outdoor TV shows. Experience the thrill, passion, and camaraderie that define hunting in the Canadian Wild.
Join us at Wild TV, where every moment is a celebration of the wild and a tribute to the Canadian hunting legacy. Subscribe today and become part of a community that lives, breathes, and thrives in the heart of the hunt.