Grilling with Gryba

Hosts: Eric Gryba

"If you're not grillin' you're not livin' "Eric Gryba considers himself a jack-of-all trades. And, its a pretty apt description considering he's a professional hockey player and an avid hunter, angler and wannabe grillmaster. He approaches every aspect of his life with the same drive that fuels him on and off the ice. It's that enthusiasm that viewers will appreciate as he takes them on an exciting culinary adventure with every episode.His philosophy of 'never stop learning' is self-evident as he pursues his passion for the outdoors while embracing a truly field to table lifestyle. The only thing the avid bowhunter and angler loves more than downing a big buck or reeling in that epic catch is the thrill of grillin' his bounty.He'll be the first to admit that he's no chef but, what he does have is a winning attitude that propels his deep affection for cooking and grilling like so many of us these days. And, the proof is evident in each delicious mouthful of the tasty creations he constructs. Never stop living. Never stop learning. Never stop grilling"