Fuel the Fire TV

Hosts: Neil Debassige, Rob Seifried

Fuel the Fire TV is a hunting and fishing series based on Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world. Host, Neil Debassige and co-host, Rob Seifried, share their hunting and fishing adventures with family and friends. The show features a number of interesting informational/educational segments with FTFtv's Learning Curve Tips, The 100 Acre Hunter, Taxidermy Talk, The Wild Game Kitchen and FTFtv's Conservation Corner.The message from Fuel the Fire TV is about learning how to appreciate what the outdoors has to offer us in terms of learning about ourselves, the environment, our relationships and about the value of time. There is no better classroom than the outdoors and we want to share our passion with our viewers. Fuel your passion, fuel the fire and get outdoors.