The New Fly Fisher

Hosts: Colin McKeown, Bill Spicer, Phil Rowley, Mark Melnyk, Rebekka Redd

All about education. There are quite a few fishing shows on television, even some purely fly fishing series. The problem is few, if any, really help you learn. That is why this series was conceived.The New Fly Fisher is truly designed to be an educational and instructional experience. It will teach you more about entomology and ecology. How a graphite or cane rod is designed and built. Why leaders are constructed a certain way and which cast will help you to compensate for difficult water currents. To explain why large Brown Trout are spooky in relation to other species or why small streams are such precious and fragile environments. Each week guests of the series will instruct us in something new and interesting about fly-fishing. These guests will include well-known fly-fishing celebrities, authors, regional experts as well as little-known fly fishers who understand a specific water system or tactic that we can all learn from. We are taking a 3-dimensional approach to education. Clear and concise instruction, animations to help explain a specific point or tactic, and stunning underwater videography.