Claudio Ongaro's Hired to Hunt

Hosts: Claudio Ongaro

Claudio Ongaro's Hired to Hunt features some of the best waterfowl hunting in one of North America's best regions. Claudio and his group of dedicated guides will take you on an adventure each and every episode in an effort to not only entertain and inform but educate. Claudio and his team will demonstrate proven techniques and provide insight on how to hunt Canada Geese, Specs, Snows, Pintails, and Mallards more effectively in diverse environments, with varying and challenging conditions.The extreme pressure and intensity of putting together 20 hunts per week for 9 weeks for clients from all over North America lends itself to its own kind of drama. Claudio Ongaro and his Guides have over 21 years experience. They are 'Hired to Hunt', it's what they do.