SportingDog Adventures

Hosts: Jeff Fuller

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SportingDog Adventures is truly a show for the dogs Each season, we take our viewers on an outdoor journey featuring the skills of talented, high octane K-9 athletes. Whether it's in the field hunting, getting training tips from some of the nation's top trainers, or addressing the process of finding your future champion pup, SportingDog Adventures keeps you in the action and in the know.SportingDog Adventures is committed to being family-oriented. We want to get the whole family excited and involved in the outdoors, whether you have two legs or four, male or female, young or young-at-heart. Our shows include a youth segment, designed to inspire and motivate adults to pass on their love of the outdoors. We also feature ladies segments, designed to address the questions, concerns, and interests of the new female outdoor enthusiast. Special "featurettes" also include nutritional segments dealing with the care and health of dogs, training segments for a variety of sporting dog breeds, and cooking segments demonstrating best practices and delicious recipes for cooking wild game. Few outdoors shows can truly fit the bill of "something for everyone," but we honestly feel that we do.Lastly, but certainly not of least importance, SportingDog Adventures showcases some of the finest opportunities available stateside in upland, waterfowl, and big game hunting. At the heart of these majestic backdrops, we keep the action moving with our K-9 athletes. We bring you everything from "training hunts" to teach you how to get your dogs in shape for the hunting season, to shed hunting, to pursuing big cats in the central highlands. We offer a whole lot more than your average wingshooting show