Predator Quest

Hosts: Les Johnson

Predator Quest TV promises to show the in-your-face, adrenaline-fueled action that has caused predator hunting to become one of the fastest growing segments of the hunting industry in recent years. Fans of Les Johnson and his Predator Quest Quest for Coyotes video know Johnson likes to bring 'em close before letting the crafty coyote in on the ruse. Johnson's preferred method of take is the shotgun, promising coyote hunting action like you've never seen before. In addition to the in-your-lap coyote hunting, Johnson teaches about calling, conservation and the cunning ways of the coyote and other predators on his Quest. It's a can't miss Predator Quest right in your living room. "My passion for calling coyotes started at an early age," said Johnson. "I've dedicated my life to learning everything I can about calling them close. Predator Quest takes that knowledge and brings it into your living room, giving you non-stop action like no predator hunting video has delivered in the past. Join me on my quest to be the best."