Most people enjoy hunting because it challenges them to put their best skills to work. But hunting means so much more than simply going to the forest and killing an elk. First of all, you need a hunting license you can either buy or win during a draw. Secondly, being a good hunter means planning your hunt ahead. It requires a lot of attention to detail, examination abilities, and backup planning. Bad weather or having your hunting gear stolen from your truck are never good omens, to say the least.

Here is what you can do to keep your valuable gear safe at all times and make sure nothing stands in the way of the perfect hunting session.

Ground Truth Your Maps

If you are not familiar with the term of “ground truthing”, know it is widely utilized in many different fields and it refers to information provided by direct observation, and not by inference. As a hunter, you most definitely want to know every square foot of the land you will be walking on make sure nothing takes you by surprise. Ground truthing is successfully used by geographic information systems like GPS or GNSS devices. In those particular cases when the coordinates of a location returned by the GPS are an estimate of the respective location, the "ground truth" will be the actual location on earth. If you often times use your smart phone to move around when hunting, you should learn to rely on ground truth coordinates that will tell you exactly where something is located, as opposed to GPS assumptions and estimates. Most times, in hunting, even a centimeter can make the difference between a hit target and a missed one. Keep in mind a smart phone or hand-held GPS unit will only give you an estimate of approximately 6 to 10 meters, while specialized devices will cut the GPS error to under a centimeter. Buy one of those and thank us later.

Secure Your Hunting reprograms transponder keys

  • vehicle vandalism and theft is unfortunately on the rise. Parking a truck in an obscure, poorly-lit area will turn it into an easy target for potential thieves passing by. Vehicle windows can get smashed easily at night when no one is watching, and you could be left with zero hunting gear in a flash. And this will lead to frustration, anger, financial loss, and will also force you to cut your hunting session short in a great hurry.

  • get in touch with a professional locksmith that specializes in offering automotive services like the service. See how much they would charge for duplicate key making, transponder key reprogramming, having a car alarm installed on your vehicle, or pulling a broken key out of the ignition. The better secured your truck is, the harder it will be to break by thieves passing by who wish to be in and out in just a few seconds.

  • A loud sound alarm triggered when someone is trying to pamper with your vehicle or break into it by forcing the doors or windows will be a great deterrent. But for those thieves who would like to are not easily startled, you'd better have your door locks checked and well-maintained. Since car locksmiths stay permanently in touch with the latest updates and releases in the field of locks, you can rely on them to make the most relevant recommendations.

  • Buy a special truck vault that will keep your fishing or hunting gear safe whenever you are out in the field. Get an all-weather model or a carpeted version for vehicles with canopies. The accessories these vaults come with feature power invertors, as well as interior lights, foam gun inserts, and lots of other essential items.

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