FishCamp is a 30 minute documentary series produced by Adventure Destinations International and Recoil Creative Group for WildTV in Canada. FishCamp tells the story of two remote fishing lodges located in northern Saskatchewan - and what happens when the guests there begin to reel in more from the experience than a cooler full of prized walleye. Each episode of FishCamp takes the viewer on a wild ride alongside the many quirky characters that call these lodges home every summer, as well as the many enthusiastic guests that make their way up north for the fishing experience of a lifetime. FishCamp is a journey of success and defeat on the lake and back on land, told through the sometimes tall tales of creative "Northern Fixes" - using ingenuity and whatever happens to be on hand.

About Adventure Destinations International

Adventure Destinations International (ADI) is a privately owned organization that owns and provides marketing and support services to a collection of fishing lodges in Northern Saskatchewan. This group of services provides a one-stop location for booking a fishing trip in Canada. ADI encompasses three fishing lodges: Selwyn Lake Lodge, Twin Falls Lodge and Thompson's Camps Otter Lake Resort. Along with the fishing lodges, ADI owns and operates four outpost camps and 29 secluded fly-in fishing lakes.

About Recoil Creative Group Inc.

Recoil Creative Group is a Canadian television and film production company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Recoil produces commercials, corporate videos, and several original series for WildTV.

FISHCAMP Schedule on WildTV

Airing September 28 - December 31, 2015

Fish Camp Mondays @ 19:00:00 CST Tuesdays @ 04:00:00 CST Thursdays @ 23:30:00 CST Sundays @ 12:30:00 CST

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