Feel the Rush TV
The Feel the Rush crew is a passionate group of men and women who live and breathe the outdoors. We're all from different areas of Western Canada but each one of us has actively been involved in our great outdoors. We are involved in not only hunting, but fishing, quadding, and snowmobiling as well. These trips don't just take place in our backyard, but throughout the world. The crew has travelled to Africa, Russia, New Zealand, Europe, the Caribbean, the Arctic Ocean, and everywhere in between. On our journeys you'll be able to see for yourself the exciting adventure that unfolds.

Fish Camp
Fish Camp features a group of childhood friends who open a collection of fishing lodges in a remote Northern Saskatchewan town. The series introduces Greg, Ron, Wendy and Simon as they operate a thriving business while maintaining their passion for bush piloting. These people are living their dreams as they operate a luxury fishing resort in Canada's Northern Wilderness.

Adventure Destination International has become a fishing empire by becoming the go to Canadian fly-in fishing vacation. Staying true to their prairie roots, these close-knit friends are turning a backwoods business into an outdoor resort empire. But for Ron Striker, the company's COO, running the successful operation is tough when you're living in the remote bush. Day to day life in the prairie wilderness may be mundane for some, but for these bush pilots it's an everyday adventure.

History of the Gun
History of the Gun is an exciting new 13-episode series from the producers of American Outdoors. Each week, it will showcase and examine the history of one iconic firearm selected from across the globe, and trace its evolution from its origins to the present day.

The show highlights yesterday, today, and what's on the drawing board for tomorrow. History of the Gun includes interviews with scholarly experts, insights into the manufacturing process with factory tours, and a close look at each of these masterpiece firearms in action on the firing range.

Snowmobiler TV
For the ultimate look into the great sport of snowmobiling, nothing does it better than Snowmobiler TV. Having toured just about everywhere snow falls and sleds can ride, the STV cameras showcase the full gamut of what sleddin’ has to offer. From the Arctic Circle in Finland, to the BC backcountry, to the Ice Hotel in Sweden, you are brought to the front row to experience some of the world's most exotic destinations. For more adrenaline we visit the race tracks to capture the action and crash and bang. For tour planners, there is no better guide to assist you in selecting the best vacation spots on snow. Expert sled reviews, product and maintenance tips, tourism at its finest and a variety of all things sleddin’ – that is what Snowmobiler TV delivers along the ride each and every week.

SnowTrax Television
SnowTrax Television features in-depth reviews of the latest snowmobiles, destination guides, in-shop technical upgrades and maintenance features, along with human interest stories from the exciting snowmobile adventure.

Each week the SnowTrax crew guides viewers through an informative and entertaining half hour revealing the inside scoop on the latest snowmobiles, accessories and riding destinations that make snowmobiling winter's greatest adventure sport.

Tom Gruenwald Outdoors
Yes, it's that time again! The excitement continues as TGO, Tom Gruenwald Outdoors, launches season three, where it's "ALL ICE FISHING, ALL THE TIME!"

This winter, you'll join Tom Gruenwald as he takes you to Saskatchewan's Last Mountain Lake fishing for perch, pike, whitefish and walleyes; and watch as Tom travels into the center of a Polar Vortex, dealing with frigid sub-zero ambient air temperatures and howling South Dakota prairie winds creating wind chills exceeding -60 degrees fahrenheit.

TGO, Tom Gruenwald Outdoors. The only show where you'll find it's ALL ICE FISHING, ALL THE TIME!

This week on Wild TV — March 18, 2019  to  March 24, 2019